About Rob Niclas

My passion for woodworking started when I was quite young.  I was inspired by many artists and craftsmen including my grandmother who taught piano and created sculptures.  My father was also an artist and photographer. My father was employed with an oil company so we moved often, including the Middle East, Europe, and around the Western United States. After school I traveled around the Far East while in the Navy. I was exposed to a great variety of art forms, and I always enjoyed looking at the woodwork that people created.

I met my wife from New Zealand while we were both living in Sweden. After we married we moved to New Zealand where I apprenticed in furniture making.  I worked in all fields of wood work, building and renovating houses, making furniture, wood carving and boat building.  Our first four children were born in New Zealand and the last two here in the States.

For the last 20 years I have been working on luxury yachts, making custom designed wooden interiors and furniture.  I have always enjoyed making furniture and interiors for boats where many pieces are curved.  This also transfers to many of the pieces I make in my own shop.  I love to put curves into custom furniture.  I get great joy out of creating canoes, and kayaks as well.  My carvings reflect what I see.  Often I will get a vision of a completed carving when I least expect it.  I have learned to record my inspirations of art in a journal until I find the perfect piece of wood.